Empathy Map for Self-Retrospective

Thursday, Jul, 2020 By Savita Pahuja.

Are trying to become a better person professionally or personally?
Are you looking for techniques for personal growth?
Are you trying to become a great leader?

There are many techniques and models that you can use to …

Three Steps to Develop Your Coaching Presence

Sunday, Jun, 2020 By Savita Pahuja.

Are you trying too hard to be present with your client during coaching conversation? Are you the one who struggles with your mind’s thoughts popping up while you are trying to listen and understand your client?

It used to happen to me, and I …

My CEC Journey

Friday, Jun, 2020 By Savita Pahuja.

At the beginning of my agile coaching engagements, I met a few CSCs (Certified Scrum Coach, which converted into CEC and CTC later). I got fascinated with their approach and knowledge. That’s how I decided to pursue this journey. The other reasons …

How to Use WOOP Technique in Coaching?

Thursday, Feb, 2019 By Savita Pahuja.

I recently watched an interview with psychologist Gabriele Oettingen who developed a strategy for mental contrasting called WOOP. This technique helps turn wishful thinking into reality. WOOP is named for each step in the process:

W: Identifying your …

Don't Always Fight for the Team, Let them Learn and Grow

Wednesday, Feb, 2019 By Savita Pahuja.

Have you ever heard from any scrum master or agile coach saying these words:

"I am fighting for my team."
"These people are insane. They don't understand."

There are many versions of these kinds of statements.

What people try …